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Train and Play Summer Weston

Train and Play Weston


Our Train and Play program has been the pipe line for Volleyball players who are currently starting for very successful Middle Schools and High Schools Junior Varsity and Varsity programs in South Florida.  

Our Elite Coaching Staff will be present and coordinate the training for this program.  Wildfire Volleyball has a proven track record in method and training.

Training is designed by level of plays which are very specific.  We will evaluate the athletes at the beginning and thru out the program to make sure their training is maximize.  What level player is the athlete?   (Click here to get an idea)

The program trains twice a week for 2 hours each practice.  ( Tentative schedule Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 5:30 PM)

Cost :  The cost of this program is $150.00 per month .  This program has no long term commitment.  athletes may choose to stop participating at any point.

 An AAU membership is needed to participate in our training Please visit  ( $14.00 for the calendar year)

All training will be held at

The Sagemont School Upper
2585 Glades Circle, Weston Fl 33326

The Sagemont School Lower 
1570 Sagemont Way Weston, FL 33326

Wildfire Training Facility
15461 SW 12 St Suite 102
Sunrise Fl 33326