Cost of Program

Club Season is not a pay by month activity.  The cost of Club is divided thru out the season with an initial deposit of $500 and 10 subsequent payments of $350.00/ month.  It is important to note that by taking a place on a State Black Team you are taking a permanent spot on the team and while the total cost is divided into payments the athletes assumes responsibility for the total cost of the season.   Payments are processed thru groundworks and deducted automatically the 1st of the month due.  

Club Season starts November 1st.  Wildfire offers training during September and October at no extra charge  for all athletes that are in 12U-14U teams and those who are not participating in High School volleyball  and are members of a Wildfire Team.

Month Description Payments
August 5th Deposit $500.00
September 1st Payment $350.00
October 1st Payment $350.00
November 1st Payment $350.00
December 1st Payment $350.00
January 1st Payment $350.00
February 1st Payment $350.00
March 1st Payment $350.00
April 1st Payment $350.00
May 1st Payment $350.00
June 1st /AAU Payment $300.00